While working on Chompters I realized that for my next game I'll need my own scrolling map code. The main reason is that I want the satisfaction of doing it myself. I'd also be able to create a custom map editor to release with the game (supporting 640x480, Andrew, I promise!)

April 12, 1998

Atlas now support smooth scrolling maps! I can also change tiles while the program is running. It's sooooo cool. :)

April 7, 1998

Things are going well. They're going so well that I've decided to make a complete tiled map library. I still have a lot to learn and this project may fall apart at the seams yet, but as of now Atlas is coming along fine. I have a crude map editor which will allow me to edit a map. The map, however, is stored in an array from within the map editor. Now I have to make it load the map files from and save them to the hard drive. The map drawing code itself is within it's own .c file. Now I just have to learn to compile it into a .a file...something I've never attempted before. There are no screen shots available...I haven't done anything worth going through the trouble yet...but keep checking back.