The mother of all Pac-Man clones...well, maybe...

I think the hardest part of this game is to think up a story line that doesn't sound like one of those Saturday morning cartoons.  Well, here it is:

    The Pakuli are a peace-loving race of spherical creatures who live  on the planet Pakulus.  Everything was going great until the fateful day when a Gate opened between Pakulus and the Ghost Dimension and the Ghost Gang invaded.  The Ghost Gang first built Ghost Castle around Gate.  Then they began to capture the poor Pakuli  to use as slave labor.  However, a small group of five brave Pakuli lead by one Phil Povman fought back.  This small resistance group called themselves the Chompsters, and the mere mention of their name struck fear and dread into the hearts of the Ghost Gang.

    One day, the Ghost King was pondering on how to eliminate the Chompsters when he hatched his next diabolical scheme.  He challenged the Chompsters to a winner-take-all contest.  If the Chompsters can clear 60 of the mazes scattered throughout Paku Kingdom, the Ghost Gang must leave forever.  On the other hand, if all of the Chompsters were captured by the Ghost Gang, they had to surrender.  With the dire threat of the Ghost Gang hovering over Pakulus, the Chompsters had no other choice.  They accepted the challenge...

Yeah, I know it's corny...but it'll do.  :)


640x480 resolution.
Vertical and horizontal scrolling mazes
. Pov-Ray rendered graphics.
Five different Chompsters.
Six ghosts + four other enemies + a final boss (a Pac-Man clone doesn't need a bazillion enemies, okay?).
60 mazes + secret bonus mazes.
Between level map ala Donkey Kong Country.
Powerups, powerdowns, and bonus point prizes.
Ghost Radar, which really helps in the big mazes.

Release Date Demo:  September 5, 1997 Full Game:  December 5, 1998

Screen Shots
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Pixel Creation's Main Server
Chompsters! v0.9 Beta

Download this patch to fix the Underground Map bug.
Just unzip it into the main Chompsters directory.
NOTE: If you're downloading Chompsters for the first time, you still need to download the patch.

Map Patch

Here's the Tunepak!  It a group of midi files that I like to use while playing Chompsters.
NOTE: This is NOT the official music of Chompsters.  The following ZIP contains midis from other games, or just midis that I found across the 'net.  Please do not distribute Chompsters with these files in the same archive.  I kept them separate because they are not my original music but other people's original music.  :)  You don't need this music to play Chompsters.  In fact, you can stick your own music in Chompsters instead if you want.  Have fun!

Just download the TunePak and unzip it in your Chompsters directory.